Cafe Tatti

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Inspired by his father-in-law’s success with the local eatery Iron Skillet, John Kalpos debuted Cafe Tatti more than 40 years ago as an homage to European fine dining. In the years since, he’s entrusted his legacy to seasoned New Year restaurateur Yiannis Skliras, who’s brought his own unique flair to the restaurant. That’s probably why it’s amassed so many accolades over its lifespan, including a spot on The Washingtonian’s list of the “Top 20 Restaurants” in the McLean area.

Stop in for dinner to experience the opulence for yourself. Start with swanky apps like escargot in garlic-butter sauce or mushrooms stuffed with Maryland lump crab meat and herbs. Then savor a perfectly executed seafood entree, such as the sea scallops Provencale. With its sauce of lemon butter, white wine, garlic, and tomato, the dish is simple, but certainly not lacking in flavor. You could say the same of the shrimp a la Tatti, a signature entree featuring a cream sauce, garlic, shallots, and white wine tossed with pasta and plump shrimp. Prefer turf to surf? Try the flat iron steak with peppercorn sauce or the coq au vin chicken.

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